The Maki's: A Pacific Northwest Fairy Tale

A few years ago we sold our first house to a couple of fresh-faced-newly-weds....

And by fresh faced, I mean these two just oozed all things young and hip. He, an engineer, she, a barista who'd spent the last few years living on the island of Oahu. Since we were selling "by owner", we had the chance to get to know these love-birds a little, and I was instantly drawn to their good vibes and easy-going personalities.

At the time, Alexis was just a few weeks pregnant, and Tyler was starting a new job here in the Tri-Cities. They were moving from the westside, and beginning to build a life together in their first home. I couldn't help but get sentimental as we signed papers, thinking of our daughter's first birthday in that backyard, or how we'd give her bath's in the kitchen gave me all the feels knowing that our home was going to someone who would love it as much as we did.

Fast forward a year or two and now sweet Silas is here, and he's just about the cutest little olive-skinned chunk on the face of the planet. It was so fun to get to reconnect with the Maki's and run around snapping their photos this fall! They literally have a fairy tale romance, and I was so blessed by their positive energy and authenticity. Here's a few of my favorites from there session:


I'm not a "posed portraiture" type of person, which worked great for the Maki's personalities...we kind of just ran around and snapped photos as "life happened". I think the result conveys this little family's essence just perfectly!

On that note, I'm behind on blogging shoots from this Fall...keep an eye out as I unroll them all over the next week!



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